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Rat tail collagen type I

Collagen is the major extracellular matrix in mammalian tissue, therefore purified collagen has a wide variety of applications in medical and life science research, including tissue/cell culture, tissue engineering, tissue 3D scaffold, medical devices, tissue reconstruction and tissue repair

L929 cell line 2D and 3D culture with Rat tail collagen (10X)

Rat tail collagen type I from Expercy is purified from the tails of no medication laboratory rats and provides researchers with reliable and high-quality collagen for cell culture and tissue engineering. We provide rat tail collagen at concentration of 3 or 10 mg/ml and can dilute to lower concentration depends on needs.


  • Mimicking in vivo-like ECM environment.
  • Quick polymerization helps optimal cell distribution in 3D gels.
  • High purity and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Various concentration available for a variety of applications.


Endotoxin LAL <10 EU/ml
Purity ≥ 95% Collagen contained with α, β and γ, < 5% Collagen contained within bands traveling faster than α (SDS PAGE electrophoresis, instant blue staining)
pH 2.0 – 4.0
Osmolality ≤ 35 mOsmo H₂O/Kg
Sterility (USP modified) Sterile filtered
Cell Attachment Pass
Product Type Solution

Available Options

Specification Sterility Catalog No. Package
Purity >95%, pH 3, Endotoxin <10 EU/ml Sterile B00-03A-3mgA 25ml
B00-03A-10mgA 10ml
B00-03A-10mgB 100ml

0.5 EU/ml-Format Available Upon Request

If you are interested in rat tail collagen type I with ultra-low endotoxin (<0.5 EU/ml), please feel free to contact us to have a quote.