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About us

Our Vision

Expercy Medical Ltd. is a biomaterial company that develop and manufactures absorbable biomaterial (such as porcine collagen, controlled-release polymer) ideal for medical application and life science research. Based on our expertise, we cooperate with our customer to co-develop formulations, components, and finished products. We hope to use science to create a healthier and happier life for both human and animal

Our Products

Expercy Medical Ltd. manufactures medical grade biomaterial in ISO 13485 certified facilities and works towards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles. We’ve been developed 2 product lines by far:

  • Biomaterial – We provide different kinds of biomaterial for medicine and life science research. Not only as a biomaterial supplier, we also provide OEM service and customized full range of formulated products according to your requirement.
  • Animal Health –Expercy start from biomaterial and based on our technology, we developed those materials into advanced veterinary medical device. We collaborate with veterinarians and hope to use science to solve the current clinical challenges. We are passionate about your pets, and we are dedicated to design better solution to keep them healthy and happy.